• Pharmacy Brands Haircare MD Blue Cypress Blonde - Purple Shampoo

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MD Blue Cypress Blonde - Purple Shampoo

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These products individually and collectively work to eliminate brassy tones in lightly coloured hair to give you that flawless finish and shine every day. This product is not strictly for blondes, though! From caramel highlights to platinum blonde, Blue Cypress Blonde wiHair Carll bring out the best of your colour. Highlights, ombre hairstyle, or fully dyed hair from a light brown / caramel colour, dirty blonde, platinum blonde, and even white and grey hair! This product works with your hair every day effortlessly without becoming a time-consuming task, ensuring that you achieve that perfect colour every day from the comfort of your own bathroom! 

The shampoo and conditioner duo will cleanse, rejuvenate your hair whilst fighting off the unwanted brassy tones that can worsen with unclean hair.

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