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Fake Eyelashes - NZ’s cheapest range of high quality lashes

We offer huge discounts and savings off quality false eyelashes NZ-wide. We have the largest range of Red Cherry lashes NZ has available, at the cheapest price. Red Cherry Lashes, NZ and overseas, is one of the most popular brands for fake eyelashes as they are 100% sterilised human hair. Clearance Health and Beauty is one of the few stockists in the country.

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Browse the largest range of Red Cherry Lashes NZ-wide

Red Cherry fake eyelashes are comfortable, light weight, long lasting, reusable and easy to apply. We stock Duo eyelash glue, which is one of the best invisible and quick drying eyelash glues, containing vitamin, C and E. We sell this at a heavily discounted sale price. The most popular products include wispy eyelashes to give a natural eyelash effect, or 2 dimensional false eyelashes to give a more dramatic look and give you thick eyelashes, as they give the appearance of wearing 2 eyelashes at once. We stock many different styles of false eyelashes including special occasion false eyelashes to fit all shapes of eyes. We also stock individual eyelashes. Available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm lengths, in a number of styles to give you a very natural, fuller, length enhancing eyelashes.

Mascara for fake eyelashes

Clearance Health and Beauty also stock the best mascara to use on fake eyelashes at the cheapest price in NZ. This is a fiber mascara which does not clump or clog and adds fiber onto the eyelashes. We stock the largest range of LA Girl cosmetics including their range of mascaras. By using LA girl mascara on false eyelashes, NZ-customers can get give a fuller, more dramatic effect. We also stock cheap waterproof and non-waterproof black or coloured mascaras at clearance prices. We stock cheap, false eyelashes, NZ-wide, with a pre-glued eyelash strip for easy application. We also stock professional quality, easy eyelash applicators, at affordable prices. We have trained professional makeup artists available to answer any questions and help with installation on line or in store.

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Handmade, Latex Free & Hypo-allergenic

All our fake eyelashes are handmade, latex free, and hypo-allergenic. The Designer Brands false eyelashes are from Australia and have a bottle of glue included in the price, which makes them a very cheap option. Clearance Health and Beauty also sells 1000 hour and eyelash growth serums and liquid eyeliner, which is water resistant / waterproof and smudge free. We also stock 1000-Hour easy to apply eyelash applicators. We also stock Lashtoniic eyelash and eyebrow growth serum, which is 100% natural and cruelty free and helps to strengthen your eyelashes. This is a very fast acting eyelash growth serum.

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