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We offer the cheapest, high quality Konjac sponge, NZ-wide. These are 100% natural and made out of vegetable fiber and konjac root. Konjac sponges are natural face cleansers, which cleanse skin pores, eliminates blackheads and removes excess oil from the skin, naturally moisturise your skin and balance out your PH levels in your skin at the same time. One of the most effective and cheapest cleansers and exfoliators available is a Konjac sponge. NZ-wide and overseas Konjac sponges are used for hypersensitive skin, rosacea and using on new born babies’ skin. Our konjac sponges are permanently on sale and are our biggest online seller at Clearance Health and beauty. This type of beauty sponge has no colouring and no additives. They are vegan, cruelty free, environmentally safe and bio-degradable. They contain vitamin A, E, D, B1, B6, B12, B2 and folic acid.

konjac makeup sponge

Konjac beauty sponge for any skin type

Our Konjac sponge NZ -store offers different kinds or ‘colours’ of sponge, depending on the use. The black or charcoal sponge is for combination to oily skin and helps with oil control, removes excess oil, tightens skin, softens keratin in the skin. The yellow or lemon sponge removes dark spots, sun spots and acne and helps whiten skin and reduce puffiness. It is rich in vitamin C. The green or green tea konjac beauty sponge is for normal to oily skin. It helps to inhibit free radicals, protects the skin from UV and sun damage and keeps skin tight and smooth. It has a soothing and moisturising effect. The lavender or purple sponge accelerates cell rejuvenation, reducing and healing acne, eczema on the face and reducing abscesses. Other discounted skincare brands for problem skin or young skin include Formula 10.0.06 for problem skin, Natural Instinct, which is 100% natural and vegan for sensitive skin and ZA True White for dark spots and sun damage, made by Shiseido.

Beauty blender makeup sponge

Our beauty blender makeup sponge range has been hand selected by our qualified makeup artists. They are very popular and the cheapest professional makeup sponge on the market. They are latex free, hypoallergenic, bio degradable. We also have a silicone makeup sponge available, which is very economical to use. Our beauty blender sponge helps give a flawless finish when applying your foundation makeup. It can also be used to blend concealer. We have trained makeup artists who can assist you with the best beauty sponge for you and how to use them and answer any questions you may have either in store or on line.

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